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Winding down

Work has been insanely busy; it's amazing how many people buy a new house in spring and want to be in before Christmas. But the mad rush is over, things are starting to get a lot quieter, and half our staff will be on holidays for the next couple of weeks. It will be nice over the next few days to actually take a lunch break and not have to worry about the work piling up.

Got all the gift wrapping out of the way yesterday with the help of my two assistants:
 photo ChickenandDothelping450x600_zps23719b41.jpg

Very helpful :-)

Today I merely pottered around the house. Probably just as well, too, after a very late night celebrating my sister's purchase of an investment property. Her hubby bailed early as he'd had a big day but D and I partied on a fair while longer. There may have been champagne. And sauv blanc. The night culminated in a raid on a frangipani tree in the park accompanied by my sister, who managed to fall over and scrape her knee pretty badly. I was tugging on her arm trying to help her up, muttering "get up, get up!" and worried that someone would see us. Which at 3.30am was probably not too likely. Anyone watching us though would have been laughing fit to kill; two middle aged ladies on a secret mission to steal a branch off a tree in the wee smalls. We live for danger! *g*

Potted my ill-gotten gain today. I hope it takes; it's a pretty pink one and I'd like to have it growing in my yard.
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