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He finally did it!

My boy is officially engaged. He took his lady out last night on the pretext of attending a work function; instead they ended up at a city hotel where he proposed, down on one knee, and presented her with the ring that he designed himself, based on pictures he found on her Pinterest page. The ring took four weeks to be made, which is why the proposal didn't happen at Christmas. And what a ring! I had lunch with them today and got to see it for myself - 31 diamonds in total; one large cushion-cut diamond (from Belgium apparently) with 30 smaller ones on the sides of the ring and surrounding the large one; set in a platinum band. It's beautiful.

He told me later that he had to ask for a confirmation, as all he got when he popped the question was "tears and gibberish" ! Dinner was a waste as neither of them could eat, and even at lunch today Jess was too excited to be hungry.

What I really loved, though, was how Jess rang me after Jay popped the question. She rang her own family first, of course (her dad's response - "oh that's nice love" - she had just woken him up - he lives in a different time zone *g*)

Anyway, after lunching with me they were off home to ring their insurance company and have the ring added to their policy.
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