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Australia Day

And a lovely relaxed day it was too. I forgot to switch off my alarms so was woken at 5.22 by the clock radio, at 5.25 by my ipod and then at 5.30 by my fitbit vibrating. Still managed to get back to sleep until a decent time for a day off. :-)

Really took things easy today. Spent the morning doing little tasks, then set about hemming some new curtains. After that I went off to my sister's investment house, which they're hoping to find a tenant for this week. In the meantime the pool still needs to be looked after so we skimmed the leaves from the surface and then had a swim. It's been over four years since I last went swimming and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it! I think she should move into that house and rent out her current home; that way I could have a swim whenever the urge took me.

It was a hot one today so the swim was particularly welcome. Rain clouds blew in during the late afternoon but only a brief shower eventuated, not enough to cool things down to any degree. The forecast for the rest of the week is hot, hot, hot, bloody awful hot! I just don't deal with the heat as well as I used to up until a few years ago.

And who knew how much alcohol is in Pimms?! Seriously, I thought it would be a nice "kick-back and relax" kind of drink but no, there is some serious alcohol content there.

Happy Australia Day everyone! Even those who don't celebrate / live here. May the Aussie spirit be with you - I raise a glass to you all.
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