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A bit over these roadworks

Disruption outside my house continues as the roadworks go on. I'm getting a bit tired of the dust that accumulates so quickly, and the outside of my house is filthy but what's the point of washing it when it's going to be dirty again immediately? It's getting dangerous, too; there's a lot of loose gravel where the asphalt was dug up, from the gutter to nearly the middle of the road, and this dug-up section extends for quite a distance. There have been a few near-misses so far, and on the weekend one guy managed to clip the steamroller parked between mine and my neighbour's house. No damage to the steamroller but the car's wheel was bent at an angle that wheels are not supposed to bend. And if my sister had left her car parked on the street, as she often does, it would have been written off on Monday when one idiot, going way too fast, came round the corner on the wrong side of the road, hit the gravel and lost it completely.

Big meeting at work tomorrow afternoon, to discuss the way forward with the company. This is a bit unsettling, especially after we were all called together (all of Credit, that is) on Friday for the announcement that our Gold Coast office was closing, and the two ladies working there were immediately made redundant. The other staff member spends half his time in our Manila office, so now when he's back in Australia he'll either come up to Brisbane to work or he'll work from home. While none of this affects us directly, we were all friends / friendly with the GC ladies and it's upsetting to see them let go.

Still - short week this week, after the Oz Day holiday on Monday. Half way through now; I can practically SMELL the weekend!
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