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Vote night

Watching the state election night coverage tonight; at present the ALP is one seat away from forming government in a real surprise result. No surprise that the premier lost his own seat as there was a hell of a lot of dislike for him, but the overall result I wouldn't have foretold. Even the bookies had the LNP at $1.10 and ALP at $3.30.

What annoyed me, though, was the coverage on the news. "Oh here's a politician, let's ask him some serious questions. Oh here's another one, let's ask him some serious questions too. Oh here's Kate Jones, who is running against the premier, she's wearing a similar dress to the premier's wife". Really? Better vote for her then.

When I first switched the tv on before the news started, "George Gently" was screening. I stuck around for Martin Shaw and scored a bonus Mark Gatiss. Nice.

I found a fantastic little shop today called The Happy Herb Hut, and they were very happy to sell me an owl carved from amethyst, a couple of patchouli soaps and a marvellous pyramid-shaped candle; it stands about 30cm high on a square base, and due to all of the lumpy coloured bits in the wax it forms a weird lunar landscape as it burns down. Trouble is it's almost too pretty to burn.

 photo Candle600x450_zpsc20ad55c.jpg
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