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I've been waiting for this

This is why I'm bouncing with excitement:

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It's finally arrived! By LJ's atlinmerrick; I was following the series on LJ and AO3 and am thrilled to have fifty new stories to read. I have a lot of things to do this weekend but as soon as I'm finished, I'll be parking my bum in a chair and opening the book. Bought through The Book Depository with free postage to Oz.

A US TV company is remaking an Australian TV show for American audiences. *g*. And, as with David Tennant in Broadchurch / Gracepoint, they've recast the lead actor for the US version. Watch out for "The Slap" when it finally airs.

Also found out more about the previously-mentioned job possibility. It was a return to sales; they are looking for someone to take on a lending portfolio of high net worth customers; doctors, lawyers etc. Not hard to decide against it - these people are usually very demanding and at this point in my life I am quite over stroking egos for a living.
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