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This week so far.

We've been amazingly busy at work lately, to the point that we've all been asked to do overtime over the next few days and possibly the weekend. As a result I've just finished dinner and it's time to go to bed already. Not sure that I'm too keen on weekend work, but if I can log in from home it won't be too bad.

Last weekend was fun, traipsing around shops with my soon-to-be daughter in law while she hunted for the perfect engagement party decorations. She has picked a rustic theme and we've been looking at oak barrels, candles in mini milk bottles, topiary trees... all of which can be hired quite inexpensively. Today I started looking for an outfit but decided I should probably leave it closer to the time, in case of weight fluctuations.

Speaking of weight fluctuations, I went for a run on Sunday night. When is it supposed to stop hurting? I was planning on going again tomorrow night but will do overtime instead. More pay, less pain. *g* I haven't gone running since I stopped playing hockey in 1979, no wonder my body rebelled.
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