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Running behind

Haven't been online since Wednesday night - just when I thought work was starting to settle down things went crazy again. Did three hours' overtime on Thursday night then five hours yesterday. I could have worked all day today if I chose but I just needed a day off. Went shopping instead, which was a lot more fun.

I'm hoping to start catching up on my reading here but there is still ironing to be done and Broadchurch to be watched, and I am determined to get to bed at a halfway decent time tonight even though it means my weekend will have come to an end. And there's overtime on offer tomorrow night so I might not get back here until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, did I mention shopping? I bought a gorgeous floaty pastel floral dress to wear to The Boy's engagement party, and a cute pair of boots I'd had my eye on for a while. They're just little black ankle boots, perfect for work in winter, with a really cushioned footbed.
Hmmm... so much for my resolution to buy no more clothes or shoes this year....
Tags: shopping, weekend, work

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