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What's in a week

This time last week I was a miserable curled-up ball of snot huddled on the lounge under a blanket, shivering, and afraid to swallow because it hurt so damn much. I was fine when I went to bed on Tuesday night but woke up Wednesday with knives in my throat. Fortunately I'd already planned to work from home as I'd discovered an abscess on my old cat, and had to take her to the vet - turned out I had two days of working from home. The wonder of it all, though, was that I woke up on Thursday feeling halfway decent. Weird - who has a cold that only lasts a day? Anyway, signed my life away at the chemists' to get some of the good drugs (ie pseudoephedrine) and I shall credit that with doing the trick.

Meanwhile Ratty is back to the vet tomorrow, to get her dressing changed, so I'll be working from home again. It's good not to have to travel into the city but I do miss working with other people (and didn't that little discovery surprise me). And I miss my daily walk to and from the bus stop, but am far too lazy and unmotivated to walk just for the sake of walking. Now if I had a dog to take for walks, that would be motivation enough.

At the moment, having a dog is really out of the question. I'm away from the house for far too long each day, it wouldn't be fair on the animal. At least the cats can sleep the day away. Still, when I retire, I plan on adopting a greyhound. They are such sweet-natured dogs, very calm and loving, and also rather lazy so they should fit in quite well *g*. And they're gorgeous dogs - just look at those little faces! I want All The Dogs!
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