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I need a twelve year old boy (no not in that way)

These are the things that currently aren't working properly:-

1. new sim card for my tablet. The unlock code to change service providers keeps giving me an error message, saying it's the wrong code. It's really not.

2. my surround sound system. Ever since I bought a new TV last September this has been mucking up. I know it's just a matter of sorting out the connections; I can get it to work for tv but as soon as I switch on the bluray player I lose the surround sound again for bluray AND tv.

3. my Seagate Central, which has locked me out, due to incorrect password. Except I know it's my password, as I don't trust my memory and I write the bloody things down. It has 1Tb of storage which is full as it saves every single backup it does, but I can't go in to delete the oldest ones.

4. Short of plugging phone into PC and dragging and dropping, I cannot work out how to transfer files between PC and phone. Old phone used a little app called Kies Air but that is no longer available. Dragging and dropping is fine for photos etc but I can't backup my messages or contacts that way.

5. PC won't even recognise my itouch, it insists it's a camera. Laptop recognises it but won't allow me to add or delete tracks. I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation that doesn't involve built-in obsolescence, and I am determined to find it.

I think that's all.

Will need to arrange for my son to come over one weekend and sort things out but I hate taking up his time with stuff like this. Ah well, it's his inheritance he'll be protecting! *g*
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