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Here it is June already, where has the year gone?
It's almost a week since I've been here, and tonight is probably the only night this week that I won't need to work. I very possibly won't be able to catch up on everything I've missed, so if you've posted something that you'd like me to see, please point me towards it in the comments.

Life here has been more of the same. I'm a bit further along with getting my tablet unlocked - Vodafone gave me a Master Reset Key to try in conjunction with the unlock code, and that finally unlocked it from their network, but now it won't recognise my Optus SIM. Aargh!

And I may have committed bootage, but with 50% off, overtime pay and a gift card I figured I was entitled....

Spent hours yesterday afternoon / evening playing "Cashflow 101". I wish I'd had that when growing up, instead of Monopoly. Once you get your head around the strategy needed to win, and then think of how that strategy could be applied in RL, it's a bit mindblowing. The aim of the game is to increase cashflow to the point where your passive income exceeds your expenses, thereby freeing you from the ratrace of a 9 to 5 job. If you can get your hands on it, particularly if you have young adult relatives, it's worth every cent.
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