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Service with a smile.

Working in an organisation that prides itself on the level of service it offers, makes one very aware of the service received from others. Or lack thereof. Like the lady at McDonalds who called the next customer over, gesticulating over my head, while I was still collecting my order. Or the one (also at McDonalds) who put my wrapped burgers in my hand, then asked if I wanted a bag to put them in. Or the lady at Queensland Transport who stood up and walked off without so much as a word to me, when she needed to photocopy my documents. But yesterday I nearly lost it completely. Okay, I accept that Myers was busy. But that was no reason to serve all of the people around me, those who had arrived at the counter after me, and even people who were standing behind me, while studiously ignoring me. In the end I left the laptop bag I'd meant to buy sitting on the counter and just walked out. I was running out of lunchtime, and hadn't eaten.
I wasn't going to go back, but I checked out all the other shops in the centre today and no-one else had this particular bag, so at lunchtime (again) I went back to Myers. This time I was attended to by a cheerful, friendly girl who made the transaction a pleasure. What a difference a day makes.

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