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Time for the weekly update

I've only been getting here roughly once a week lately, which is not at all fun. On holidays now so for the next couple of weeks I should be here a bit more often. I miss you guys.

I've taken the time off to prepare for a cat show this coming weekend. Organising a cat show is a bit like having a baby; at the time you swear you are never doing it again, but a couple of years go past and the pain dims, only the faintest memory of it lingers on.... and you put your hand up to do it all over again. Since organising the judges in March I've had three of them pull out, necessitating a scramble to find replacements, and then yesterday learned that another of my judges may not make it, due to illness in her family. Which can't be helped, but... *sigh*.

That wedding I talked about earlier this month? Was last Saturday. I was seated with other current and previous St.George staff and it was great to catch up with everyone, as well as celebrating the start of two young people's life journey together.

It's been wet and cold today, only reaching 18 degrees. Earlier this evening I heard some bumping and thumping outside, then when I took some rubbish out to the bin I noticed wet possum footprints on my back stairs. I was wondering how my owl statue kept falling over - possums must be making a habit of playing on my back deck, and knocking it over during their games.
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