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Losing time

This is weird... you know how a digital clock radio doesn't need to be set, as it keeps time via some magical interchange of fairy dust and timey stuff, right? Two days in a row now my clock radio has decided to delete the daylight and just skip right ahead on to the evening; yesterday morning it went off as programmed at 7am then five minutes later the time had jumped ahead to 22.05. By 8am it had righted itself so I put it down to a glitch and thought no more of it, until this morning when it again jumped, this time at 8.05 through to 22.05. I only noticed both times because I was lying in bed listening to the news when it suddenly shut itself off - it's supposed to shut off an hour after the alarm goes off, not five minutes later.

And then yesterday afternoon I was pleased to note, via the time display on my tablet, that it was only 2.30pm and I still had heaps of time to get up the street and get stuff done - but a glance at my watch said it was actually 3.15pm. I tried setting the time on the tablet manually, and that worked, but as soon as I changed it back to auto network-derived time it skipped backwards again. Perhaps entropy has finally won out and time is collapsing around me.

This made me laugh this afternoon - must be some really angry dogs out there.

 photo angry animals_zpsubtxize1.jpg

Friday night, and time for the regular Dr Who rewatch. Over the last year and a half we've watched all of 10 and 11, and are now working our way back through Nine. I'd forgotten how much I adored him.
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