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Good things week

Apart from the fact that I had to go back to work, it was a pretty good week this week. Even work wasn't so bad - even when we discovered that our offshore team had been picking up our jobs to check documentation, then closing the jobs off instead of reassigning them, and suddenly we had 45 more jobs in the queue than we'd thought - easing back into it gently after two lovely weeks off.

City centre was awash with red on Thursday as fans came out to the meet and greet with the visiting Liverpool football team, who were in town to play Brisbane Roar last night. Needless to say Liverpool was victorious but Brisbane didn't go down without a fight and the final score was 2 - 1 (report for the benefit of ali15son.

Also on Thursday, our inaugural Tonto awards, Tonto being the original name of the company I now work for. There was never any doubt about the winner from the Credit team, but I was actually shocked speechless to be nominated - apparently on the grounds of my willingness to work additional hours when required, and the detailed feedback I provide to our sales staff. Nice to be recognised! The winner was a lady who always goes above and beyond, and is a terrific source of information and assistance to everyone. In fact, after a fortnight in my current job, I formulated a goal to be just like her. Hopefully I'll get there.

Even nominees won a bottle of champers, which was nice. Here's mine, next to something else I treated myself with that only just arrived - this is the first toaster and kettle I've ever had that came with an instruction manual, and a thick one at that. Wasn't game to get the toaster out of its box in case I couldn't get in back in right; not planning on using these until my current kettle dies (it's 16 years old - how long do they last?) but I had to get them now as they have been discontinued, and frankly I've never seen anything else I liked half as much.

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