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Reading For Pleasure

I'm currently reading The October Horse by Colleen McCullough, the most recent of her series set in the days of Caesar. It took me a long time to get into the series, but once I started I was totally absorbed. I should have known what to expect from her by now!
I'll never forget my first reading of The Thorn Birds. Cried my eyes out! My poor old copy of this book is so worn and tattered, held together by sticky tape so old it's crumbling. I was hooked, though, on the story. My Creative Writing teacher at the time (early 80s) had nothing but disdain for Ms McCullough's writing; methinks Jennifer was jealous, having had eight books published but not one of them as successful as The Thorn Birds. So okay, it's no great literary work - but it has a story that makes you feel, it reaches in and grabs your emotions. And that, frankly, is why I read.
Then of course they made it into a miniseries, and Richard Chamberlain is so damn hot! . Well, he was then. Haven't seen him on TV for a while.
Hmm, starting to feel old again. Hey AnonPussyNamer, wanna go hang out in a wrinklies bar with me?

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