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Last weekend was full to the brim with barely a moment to just stop and breathe. Fun, though.

There was a small expo at the local library on Saturday, called Imagine - the theme was science fiction and fantasy and they invited local clubs to attend in costume. It was fun wandering around being greeted by Gandalf, and Death, and various Starfleet officers. And more Storm Troopers than you could poke a stick at, although why you'd risk poking a stick at a Storm Trooper I'm not quite sure *g*.

If you ducked down you could see the feet of the bloke inside this - clever costume all the same. He even had the evil voice down pat.

 photo imagine dalek 145 x 258_zpsf4vgpzky.jpg

 photo imagine stargate 600 x 337_zps0qewfhqq.jpg

The stargate was at the top of the stairs, at the entrance to the library. Of course, if you took the lift, you had a ride in a TARDIS -

 photo imagine me and dt tardis 3 125 x 222_zpsx41n9xtk.jpg

Even evil aliens bent on world domination need love.

 photo imagine dalek klingon 337 x 600_zpsvasujlgh.jpg

Best bit of the day? When the Klingon bumped into me, and apologised. Very out of character! *g*
I was thinking I might look the Star Trek group up, see what they do. I haven't belonged to anything like that for years and years and it could be fun.
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