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Yes I have had better weekends, thanks for asking

Ever had one of those weekends when you wished you had stayed in bed? Yesterday started out okay with blue skies and some real warmth in the sun but by midday the rain had arrived. I had a couple of car test drives lined up, not a good experience in the wet.

Got home to find my old girl had peed on my bed. She'd been tucked in between my pillows on my bed when I went out, all cosy and warm. So off came the sheets, the duvet, the mattress topper - somehow the pillows escaped harm, which was just as well as I would have had to throw them out. And the mattress was bone dry, thanks to the topper. Everything else straight down to the laundry, and onto the line in the rain after washing.

Then this morning I woke to find my power was off - again - I think it's the new monitor as it's happened a couple of times since I bought it. And my old girl had a seizure, that was new. Makes me wonder if her accident yesterday was brought on by something similar. Poor girl, she really frightened herself (and me!) but was happy enough to tuck into her breakfast afterwards.

Vacuum cleaner has lost suck, all of a sudden, halfway through doing the house when it just kinda petered out... after I'd swapped the head over for the upholstery brush, and then swapped back to the turbo head. I just couldn't be arsed sorting that out so finished off as best I could then packed it away.

Had a shower after vacuuming and when I'd finished rinsing my hair I looked down and the water in the bath was a dirty brown, as though I was washing off mud. I have NO IDEA what that was about. It was clear when I first ran the water, and it ran clear again after I'd noticed it, but the cause is a total mystery.

And finally (I hope!) the downstairs back door latch jammed. Bodie was inside, Ziggy was out and wanting back in, and I couldn't get the door open. Had to go around the front and let myself in there, then disassemble the latch, coat with WD40, reassemble (and wasn't it a bitch getting the screws to line up?!) and luckily it worked.

I'm hardly brave enough to try anything else tonight. When I finish here I'm going to put on my pyjamas - even though it's only 6pm - make some lunch for tomorrow then curl up in front of the telly. It's Dr Who tonight, followed by Vera. Then off to bed, and hopefully I can make it from now until bedtime without anything else going wrong.
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