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31 October 2015 @ 08:06 pm
pats the weekend fondly  
Saturday night, and I'm ensconced in my back room with all the lights out avoiding trick or treaters. Yes, I am that person *g*. The gate at the top of my stairs is locked so I don't expect anyone to be knocking, but I don't want to encourage them to try.

Very different day today from last Saturday, which was my niece's wedding. She looked beautiful, utterly radiant, and so very happy to be marrying her man. I'm a bit fond of him, too, and they're really great together.

Things got a bit awkward when we arrived at the reception and discovered that the DJ was my son's ex. I was happy enough to see her and chat - she lived at my place for nearly 12 months, years ago, and we got on fantastically - but I felt for son's fiancee who was thrown a bit off-kilter by it. Still, she settled down, and by the end of the night she was requesting songs be played so she'd got over the initial awkwardness.

I'm embarrassed to say that I took full advantage of the free wine and events from about 11pm onwards are a blur. I'd taken a room at the hotel where the reception was held, and I am so grateful that my sister decided she was too drunk to go home with her husband at the end of the night, because I needed someone to drive me home the next day. If it had been just me, I'd have taken the room for another night because there was no way I could get behind the wheel of a car. As it was, after Dee drove me home, I collapsed on the couch until around 5pm moaning "kill me now". I swear I shall never do that again - I'm not exactly a teenager any more! Actually a bit disgusted with myself, to be honest.

Cat show tomorrow. Harry's all bathed and blow-dried and powdered, and smells like show cat. I love that smell! The show is on the Sunshine Coast so it will be an early start, and an early night tonight as a result.
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Strike while the irony is hot: [EMATE] DRUNK ENDLESSLYdraycevixen on November 3rd, 2015 06:50 pm (UTC)
Really weirdly, this just turned up on my flist. It wasn't there when I checked it Sunday night.


Glad your niece's wedding went off so well. Congratulations to them. ♥

I find I don't have the alcohol tolerance I used to have. Now a couple of glasses of wine can get me pleasantly tipsy... probably better for my liver. :D
miwahni: UK fish spankingmiwahni on November 4th, 2015 08:31 pm (UTC)
Well it WAS Halloween - this post was probably hiding, waiting to jump out and yell Boo!

Thank you, will pass it on. The happy couple went to Bali for their honeymoon and were supposed to fly back on Tuesday but all flights have been cancelled due to a cloud of volcanic ash, so yay for extended honeymoons but boo hiss for the extra expense which they really didn't need.