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The rain may never fall till after sundown, by eight the morning fog must disappear....

Well it might not be Camelot but I'm enjoying this rain-all-night-dry-all-day malarky we've got going on at present. The storms and rain have been rolling in around 8pm each night, and each morning I wake to a world newly washed and clean, it's lovely.

Work has been less intense lately, in fact tonight marks two whole weeks without any overtime. *nervously uncrosses fingers and toes* .I'm still not caught up on everything here that needs doing; filing mail and paid bills, sorting through a heap of emails, but I'll get there. I've been moved into a different area now, too, no longer part of the retail team but am now the sole broker underwriter, which leads to some interesting times. My boss asked me today how I was going, and I replied that I vacillate between enjoyment of the job and wanting to stab someone. It's just that when I was part of retail, if there were a lot of jobs on at least I knew that there were three others on my team, whereas now if there are a lot of jobs on I'm acutely aware that it's just me. Once I clear the workload I settle down, but my anxiety levels ratchet up in the meantime.

I've also been asked to do the post-settlement variation approvals, for when customers want to make changes to their loans such as switching from principal and interest to interest only repayments, and substitutions of security, and partial releases. They're fun, as they're basically just checking the settlement team's work. A bit of variety to add to the day.

And only one more day until the weekend!
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