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16 November 2015 @ 10:46 pm
One man's trash  
It's council clean-up week for my suburb and already most of the stuff I put out for collection last night has been taken by scavengers. It was still all there this morning, leaving me feeling a bit miffed that my rubbish wasn't good enough for anyone else *g* but by this evening the old clothes dryer had gone - probably for the copper in the wires, as I'd taken the door off so little kids couldn't accidentally lock themselves in - and the old venetian blinds with the chewed ends all the way up (thanks Ziggy), even the old purple rug had been whisked away. Pity whoever took that - I disposed of it when it started to disintegrate and I got tired of purple feet. It's been rolled up in my garden shed since so I hope that whoever took it likes spiders.

And then later tonight a car pulled up and a beefy bloke got out, grabbed the old CRT TV and put it in his car boot. Good riddance to that - you can't even give those things to charity, the shops won't take them. And it's so heavy I had to roll it on my cat show trolley and wheel it out the front.

Not too much left now. Anyone want a hammock frame? How about some shadecloth cut to fit around windows at the Ipswich showground? Or a flatbed scanner from about 1998?

On another note, how many people here use iTunes? Hands up if you've read the terms and conditions - all 76 pages? I wonder how many people actually do.

Eye test results surprised me, apparently my eyes haven't deteriorated anywhere near as much over the last three years as they did over the three before that. And due to "technological advances" (read: ethical optometrist/ staff) it appears I won't need two pairs, the one pair with three grades should do. Optometrist was *quite* surprised to learn that they'd sold me the two separate pairs last time, when they told me that the three-in-one wouldn't be good enough for long periods of reading. I'm going to go with frames and lenses from their shop, this time, but will hunt up the online sources for spare pair.
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mrua7mrua7 on November 16th, 2015 04:48 pm (UTC)
I've been trying to sell off a lot of my things at flea markets with minimal success. When i didn't have the ambition to lug it all to a flea market again, I put it all out by the dumpster and watched as my neighbors toddled off with my once treasures. Sadly much of it wasn't worn or damaged and were really 'good' things, but no one wanted to buy them.

Yes one person's trash...what a true adage.
miwahnimiwahni on November 17th, 2015 11:46 am (UTC)
It's sad to see your once-treasured stuff go. I must admit that the stuff I put out was really rubbish, and people have taken it for what they can scavenge out of it - copper wire, for instance, can fetch a good price if you have enough of it from old machines.