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Not as hard as I thought

I didn't trade my old car in when I bought my new car last month; dealer only offered me $4000 which in my eyes was practically giving it away. I decided to sell it on carsales.com.au but put off actually listing it until we had that hailstorm a few weeks back - the thought of it being damaged in another storm was all the impetus I needed to actually get off my bum and advertise it for sale.

Ad went live on the evening of 8th November. In the first week I had not a single enquiry, which was a bit disheartening, but then last week I started getting a couple of calls and emails. Only one was really serious, but then he couldn't raise finance.

Monday night I had an enquiry from people who live a five hours' drive away. We arranged for them to come and see it this weekend, but they were so worried I'd sell it before then that they jumped in their car yesterday afternoon and drove up to Brisbane. They made me an offer, which I accepted, then came round with the cash today - more than double what the car yard offered me, and only 17 days since listing! So for a total ad cost of $140 and a safety certificate costing $70, I'm prtty pleased with myself.

Still sad to see it go, though - I loved that car so much - but it was time to move on. If that model was still being manufactured I think I'd have bought another one, it was so good.
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