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Making the most of a long weekend.

Us Aussies are not ones to miss out on a day off work, so when a public holiday falls on a weekend, we just take the next working day off in celebration. Which means that tomorrow (Monday) is a day off in lieu of Boxing Day. Yay us - four day weekend!

My son and his lady are in New Zealand this Christmas, making the last minute plans for their wedding, so I have custody of their dog and cat. Their cat, Pickle, was bred by me so he's really just coming home to his (cat) mum, grandmum and aunties. Pombo the dog is familiar enough with me that she's not too stressed, although she's a bit wary of the cats.

One of my closest friends is in hospital at present and I drove down to see her today. Traffic on the motorway was at a standstill in places and the usual 45 minute drive took twice as long, and coming back wasn't much better with pouring rain all the way home. Worth it, though, to see her for myself. She's just had a teensy defibrillator implanted in her chest, after blacking out while out walking recently. It's just amazing what technology can do now.

Yesterday was boating on Lake Somerset, and tomorrow is a barbeque in the park with friends, weather permitting. I love this time of year.
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