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Moving forward.

At the end of every year I'm amazed at how quickly the year has gone; this year was the quickest of them all, having passed in a blur. I think it's due to my job, and how busy we were in 2015, with almost constant (read: four nights a week and at least a couple of hours on the weekend) overtime. The extra cash in my pay packet came in handy and I missed it when it wasn't available, but I don't want to work that hard again this year.

I have a trip to New Zealand coming up in March to attend my son's wedding, followed by a week of touring around, seeing some of the bits I missed on my last trip. I am so looking forward to this, both the wedding and the break from work. Looking back, my last holidays were two weeks in late June / early July, and they are the only holidays I've taken since November 2013. And my last sick day was October 2014. I am totally ready for a good break from work.

I watched more TV in 2015 than I've done for years. Poldark, Vera, and most Saturday evenings I've watched New Tricks or Father Brown. And of course Utopia season two, the only show where I can feel my blood pressure rising *g*. Also subscribed to Netflix during the year and have had a lot of fun with that. Hopefully in 2016 I can spend more downtime just relaxing, watching TV or net surfing.

Speaking of Utopia - classic scene from S1, where Nat is conducting a performance review - anyone who works for any sort of corporation is familiar with the corporate-speak that Damien spouts.

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