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Movie day / night

It's only taken me eighteen months but yesterday I finally hooked up my DVD player to my sound system. Still can't get the telly running through the receiver but that's a problem for another day. Tonight to celebrate I sat down with three movies to watch - firstly The Man From UNCLE which while it was beautifully styled and shot, was far too full of drawn-out car chases and the like to completely hold my attention. It did sound good, though, running through the big speakers.

Secondly I watched Kingsman which I enjoyed a lot more. You have to park your critical brain at the door before watching in order to fully enjoy it, I think, but being a Saturday night with a G&T in hand it went down surprisingly well.

The plan was then to watch Spy but for some reason the sound decided to stop working at that point, and I could not be bothered pulling everything apart to find out why, so it can wait.

But first thing this morning it was off to the cinema for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride. Huge spoilers under the cut, so if you don't want to have it totally ruined, do not click.

Managed to stay spoiler-free for this one, so the big reveal (Sherlock in his mind palace) came as a real surprise, which had me almost bouncing in my seat. I LOVED how they tied this into the other nine episodes. Here I was thinking that it was going to be a standalone set in Victorian times, and look what we got instead. Now I guess we wait another two years for the next installment.

I had read an interview with Steven Moffat earlier, where he stated that they did "the thing" in this one that they'd always wanted to do, and that we'd know what it was when we saw it. At first I thought it was making Mycroft fat, as he was in the stories, but then wondered if it was having Sherlock say "Elementary" at the end?

And is Sherlock foreshadowing Mycroft's death here? Does he know that something is going to happen to his brother? He was pretty specific in his mind palace about Mycroft dying, and then the way Mycroft begged John to look after Sherlock made me wonder if Mycroft himself knew he wasn't going to be around for too much longer.

When Sherlock threw himself off the Reichenbach Falls, I must admit I was hoping he'd wake up and find that the whole of HLV was actually a drug-fuelled dream. *g*

And Molly! *squee*.

Moriarty was as deliciously creepy as ever - licking the dead skin cells off his fingers - I think Sherlock's mind palace needs a good dusting.

Did anyone else find it a wee bit melancholy that Lestrade and Mycroft went along with Sherlock's mad plan to exhume the bride, while John took himself (and Mary) back home? Even in his mind palace Sherlock expects John to desert him.

Before the movie started, we had a guided tour of 221B hosted by Steven Moffat, who pointed out the not-quite-differences in the flat decor (bison skull with headphones supplanted by a deer head with an ear trumpet for example). Did they play that on the tv as well?

I'm sure there are other parts I'd like to discuss, and I know I'll pick up more on the second time around, but these are the things that made the biggest impressions on me the first time around.
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