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Had an absolutely top weekend. My stepmum visited from Sydney which was really great. I had to pick her up from the transit centre at 9.30pm - found the place alright but got hopelessly lost getting out of the city. When I saw a sign pointing to the northern beaches I figured it was time to pull over and get out the street directory!
Yesterday we just sat and talked, then last night Ezekiel & Sum came over for dinner. Then today we headed into the Queen St Mall for a look-see. All too soon it was time to head back to the transit centre.
After waving goodbye we headed homewards with a detour to Freedom Furniture. I bought a lovely set of windchimes, and a new red mug to replace the one Fatty Princess Kitten broke when she knocked my liquid soap dispenser off the kitchen windowsill (dispenser also shattered - bum - it was the caat-shaped one that Road Kill made for me abut 7 years ago.)
Home, to find the inside temp was 35 degrees. I've had the air-con going since 4pm but it's still 31 inside. Did some washing, watched the end of the cricket, installed Firefox & Thunderbird on the laptop. I should be feeding cats now, but this machine is such a temptation!

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