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The following dialogue took place today, between myself (Lending Mgr - from here on referred to as LM) and our Mortgage Services Dept ( MS ):-

MS 9.06.01am
Just preparing docs for the above file. The purchase contract is missing from the imaged docs. Please can you arrange to fax a copy to me on 07 XXXX XXXX asap so I can prepare docs. Please let me know once this has been done.

LM 9.22.09am
It's in the fax now.

MS 10.25.45am
Sorry, have not received it yet. Can you check?

LM 11.02.20
am faxing it again right now to XXXX XXXX as per your request. My fax Journal confirms that the earlier fax went through okay.
Let me know if this one doesn't arrive.

MS 11.36.26am
Did you put the 07 in front? I have not got it. Do you want to try faxing it direct to imaging, making sure you write the loan number at the bottom. Sorry don't know what's happened, our fax seems okay.

LM 12.47.57pm
faxing it through to imaging now with number at the bottom. Didn't need to put the 07 on your fax number as I'm in Brisbane too.

MS 2.43.44pm
I am really sorry about this but the purchase contract is not showing in imaging. I don't know why. I cannot prepare the docs until I see the contract. Please I know it's a pain can you
have another go at faxing it to me on 07 XXXX XXXX.

LM 3.52.39pm
wow (laughing!) your fax machine must still think it's Sunday! Will do immediately.

MS 3.57.05pm

LM 3.58.50pm

MS 4.25.27pm
The loan offer document has been marked as printed and received but it's not showing up on imaging. Please arrange to fax a copy to imaging.

MS 4.28.02pm

And I wonder where my time goes every day....

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