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Come home, Cardinal Pell

For those who aren't aware (whaddya mean, you don't follow the news from Australia? *g*) there is a Royal Commission into Instutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse currently running in Australia. Over the last year or so it has delved into the handling of abuse claims against groups as diverse as Scouts, schools and churches. Most recently the enquiry has centred around the Catholic Church and next week it moves to the regional city of Ballarat, where (now) Cardinal George Pell presided for a time. This is the second time a date has been set, and the second time Cardinal Pell - who now resides at the Vatican - has declared he is unfit to travel back to Australia to testify in person. This time, however, arrangements have been made for him to testify via video link, and through the wonders of crowdsourcing, a number of the victims will be flying to Rome to watch his testimony.

And Tim Minchin wrote, recorded and performed the following song all in one day, to raise money towards the crowdsourcing.

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