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Goodreads review

This is neat - Goodreads enables one to c&p reviews straight to a blog, formatting intact.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Night They MetSherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Night They Met by Atlin Merrick

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It doesn't matter which version of Holmes and Watson you encounter; whether it's the original canon by Arthur Conan Doyle, or Jeremy Brett's brilliant portrayal, right up to the modern day BBC Sherlock - who HASN'T seen these two in action and wondered... for the love shines through in every version. Atlin Merrick takes us down that path with a series of witty, entertaining vignettes, spaced through the centuries, showing just how that love began. Read, love. And if you love this book, or if you'd rather read about their incredible friendship, try "The Day They Met" by Wendy Fries, which explores the very beginnings of this remarkable partnership.
(And if you think the writing style is very similar between the books, why, you'd be right. :-) )

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