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Three things...

When my mum passed away my sister and I inherited a suitcase chock full of jewellery. Most of it was costume jewellery, by itself nearly enough to fill the case, and between us we picked out the pieces we'd like to keep. The rest has been stored downstairs at my house for the last ten years. Every so often I drag it out again, meaning to get rid of it all, but instead find myself going through it again and the funny thing is, every time I do this I find something I'd previously overlooked. Tonight I was hunting through it once again and found some silver bird earrings and an engraved silver bangle that I hadn't noticed before. Strange, because mum loved gold and pearls, and wasn't so fond of silver. The bangle was quite tarnished but it cleaned up beautifully, I'm quite impressed.

I read tonight that Craig Lowndes is to be honoured at the Clipsal 500 this weekend for having the most ever starts in V8 Supercars. He's 42 now - how did that happen? Well obviously I know how it happened but goodness where did the time go? It doesn't seem that long ago that he was the new kid on the block. Thinking back over his career, he's only had one really serious accident, in 1999, but was only sidelined for one round as a result and still went on to win the championship. Not bad, hey.

Finally I stumbled upon this essay by Sharon Wheeler, about The Larton Chronicles - nothing really new, but nice to see it getting some meta. Probably by now everyone else has seen it - I think the code under the title means it was posted in 2012 - but it was new to me.
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