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Bay of Islands

Last two days of our trip were spent in the northern town of Paihia which had the most unusual public toilet I've seen.

 photo Wee break_zpsrfnjlf1m.jpg

We took a boat ride out to some of the islands in the bay - it was really blowy and choppy that day, out on the water, which added to the sense of adventure! I was struck by the colour of the water in this cave:

 photo Rock cave 5_zpsiyam3qrx.jpg

Paihia is located in the Bay of Islands - there are 144 islands in the bay in total. This was the view from our motel room, looking east across the bay.

 photo View from our room 2_zpsmkqd9qfm.jpg

The Waitangi treaty grounds are located just north of Paihia; this is where the Maori chieftains eventually came together with the British to sign a treaty re the division of land. The original colonial cottage - James Busby's house - still stands and has been turned into a museum.

 photo James Busby House 2 Waitango treaty grounds_zpspyiq8vxn.jpg

Next to James Busby's house is a Maori meeting house, where we watched a cultural presentation including song, dance and mock warfare. Also poi - I remember as a child being fascinated by poi, and making my own set out of balled-up socks and string. Out of everything we did and saw, I think this would have been my favourite part.

 photo Meeting house interior Waitango treaty grounds_zpsxpfuuaxx.jpg

Speaking of socks - Paihia is also where I found these socks, which I had to add to my collection!

 photo Socks_zpshevvhj7u.jpg

It's a bit depressing to be back home now and know that it's more than a year before I can go away again. I could travel the world for the rest of my life and it still wouldn't be long enough to see everything I want to see.
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