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Change is as good as a holiday

LinkedIn has out-done itself today with its job recommendations for me - top of the list "Flying Operations Inspector (Rotary Wing)". No, I have no clue why it thought I could do this. Although it might be safer than another recommendation, within my line of work, whose ad finished "No cash held on premises, and security cameras ensure a safe workplace." Seriously if that's the best enticement they can offer, I think I'll pass.... *g*

I forgot to grab my phone off the charger yesterday when I headed out to work, then had a Justices meeting straight after work so it was 9pm before I was home again. And guess what I missed - exactly nothing. Not a single message or missed call, not even an alert. Which was good, but - nobody loves me! Heh. It's funny, though, how vulnerable and out-of-touch I felt without my phone in my bag.
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