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Captain America Civil War

Finally got to see this film today.

Luckily I didn't go to see it for the plot - seriously who goes to see these for the plot? It did get a bit wearying with the constant fights (think: one big pissing contest basically) but there was enough pretty to keep me entertained. I will be interested to see how the scriptwriters resolve the issues that this movie left us with, though. And what's up with the Pepper storyline? That was out of the blue. (buuut my little Tony/Bruce slasher heart was secretly pleased that she's out of the picture.)

Still shaking my head over Tony, who would ordinarily thumb his nose at convention, being the one to push for government oversight / control, while Steve, who wanted so desperately to be part of the military is the one who wanted autonomy. Character reversal much? And why is beating the shit out of each other the only logical response to their conflicts?

I do find it difficult to believe that Bucky would willingly submit to re-freezing also.

On the positive side, it was lovely just to see Tony again. Bonus points for Spiderman who was pretty awesome, and the dialogue in his bedroom with Tony made me grin like a loon. In fact there were more than a few spots that made me smile, and also giggle in a couple of places. I love Tony's one-liners and little jokes. So all in all, a couple of hours well-spent.

I got to play with the new Blackberry yesterday - I want that phone for myself but still have 11 months on my current S6 Edge contract, and it will cost me nearly $1000 to break it, so I can only hope that the Blackberry will still be available next April. I love the "real" qwerty keyboard, and in going Android they have overcome my one big objection to owning one of these phones. *sigh* Hopefully this time next year they'll still exist as a company and they'll still be making really cool phones.
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