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Nearly the end of the week.

I was getting on the bus after work tonight and thinking "How did it get to be Thursday already?" Seriously this week has just flown by, it seems like it should only be Tuesday night at least. Not that I'm complaining, mind, and it's nice not to be wishing my life away.

Got my duvet out last night and put it on the bed, in preparation for the cold weather that's bound to come. Then today was 30 degrees with a lovely northerly blowing up until around 8pm, and it's still balmy outside now. Might be pushing that duvet back down for a while yet.

My electricity bill is glaring at me from the shelf above my desk, reminding me that it's due for payment tomorrow. Thing is, I think I set up a direct debit for it last quarter... I'm not really sure... so I'm going to wait until Monday and see if any money is charged to my credit card. There's no penalty for paying a few days late, and I'd rather be late than pay twice. And I could not be bothered sitting on the phone for half an hour, trying to find out whether I did set up the debit. I'll know soon enough.
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