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Another twisted limb on the family tree

Talking with one of my cousins in Melbourne last night - we were swapping stories of places we'd been that featured in our family history, and he mentioned that he'd taken photos of the statue of our grandmother's cousin, in Cardiff Bay. Wait, what? This was news to me! Apparently I am related - in a dim and distant way - to this gentleman. My grandmother was a Morgan but her mother's maiden name is Davies -I tramped over nearly every square inch of Cathays cemetery until I found her grave when I was last there.
My written family tree doesn't go far enough out to the sides, tracing only my direct lineage, so I can't 100% confirm this, but David says his mother has passed the information on to him. I've passed it in turn to our family historian, so she can do some more digging. It's amazing what you can turn up, when you have a bit of information to go on.
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