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Here's me having a whinge

So, you know, feel free to go about your day without this. But uurgh I feel off; my face is itchy and my nose won't stop running, and I'm sneezing all the time. It's totally the wrong time of year for hayfever but here I am with all the symptoms. Again. I was hoping the weekend's rain would settle things down but it really hasn't.

And that roadwork at the bottom of my street, that was to go until 3rd June? The signboard has been updated, now, to the 18th. Oh joy.

On a positive note, a pamphlet arrived tonight, explaining some changes being made to a few spots that are known for traffic snarls and/or difficult access, on and off the local motorway. They're really good, positive changes, which should eliminate a number of trouble spots and make my trip home from work a bit quicker too. Hopefully those roadworks will be done at night also; I think they'd have to as there'd be a riot if they decided to work on the motorway access during peak traffic flow.

On the work front, all of the big banks have pulled back on non-resident lending recently, leaving us and a couple of other small players still doing it. We have been swamped with applications, to the extent that the decision was made to restrict our non resi stuff as well. I was appointed as the non-resi go-to person and all deals had to come to me first, to be vetted, and I had to then advise our Compliance officer who would try to verify the documents that had been provided. That's the hardest thing about non resi stuff; it's so difficult to verify the validity of say a Malaysian payslip.

I had a really straightforward one today, for a South African couple buying an apartment in a Melbourne suburb; sent it off to the mortgage insurers expecting a quick approval but instead got a phone call telling me that the mortgage insurers had made the decision just today to pull out of covering non-resi stuff. Which means that the three other deals I still have on the go will need to be canned as well. I do feel sorry for the brokers, whose livelihood is affected by this, and also for the purchasers who in most cases signed contracts a couple of years ago, buying these apartments off the plan, but I totally understand why we're all pulling back all of a sudden. I feel even sorrier for our BDMs who have to have the argument conversation with the brokers.
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