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In the bleak midwinter

Happy Solstice, whichever hemisphere you inhabit.

It's Winter Solstice here, and the longest night of the year, upon which I light candles throughout the house to encourage the return of the sun. And with a full moon, too - it's just magic. When I got home from work tonight the moonlight was shining directly into my bedroom, leaving a silver trail across my bed, so I left the curtains open until the moon had risen fully. And this morning I took my coffee out onto my back deck, and sat in the moonlight until the sun started to rise, lightening the sky around me. There was a cool wind blowing but the sky was so clear, it was amazing.

And while the days will start to gradually lengthen, the cold weather is bound to set in soon. I console myself with the thought of those one or two extra minutes of daylight each day.
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