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What is is about Uniqlo stores - does this happen anywhere else? I was wandering around one at lunch today and every so often a salesperson randomly walking around the store would shout "welcome to Uniqlo!" and the cry would be repeated by any other salespeople within earshot. It was like a store-wide game of Marco Polo.

The business that I work for is privately owned, and we were told last week that the owner was seeking a "strategic partnership" with a financial institution in order to secure funding for expansion. Next thing you know the finance papers are reporting that he's trying to sell 40% of the business, and wouldn't be averse to selling the whole shebang if someone wanted to stump up $500 million. Gah. I've lived through two previous takeovers in my last job; the most recent of them saw the taking-over entity start off by rationalising its credit personnel, and centralising them in a different state. I am hoping that we aren't on that bank's horizon as a takeover target!
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