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Just Say No To Drugs

Someone with too much time on their hands has conducted some pretty weird experiments with spiders. I found this information in a book by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, in which he reports on a number of interesting scientific phenomena. My comments in italics.

If the blood of a schizophrenic person is given to a spider, it will weave very strange webs. Gradually with time, as the blood is fully broken down, the spider will start to weave more normal webs. I'm wondering what led to that experiment being conducted....
Speed (amphetamines) will set the spiders working furiously, but in an undisciplined fashion - so the spiders leave huge holes in the webs. Caffeine makes them lose their way entirely - the webs are just a few threads that are randomly strung together. Chloral hydrate makes them so sleepy that they can hardly even start work. Marijuana lets them get started, but then they stop - presumably, the spiders get so legless that all they can do is admire their handiwork! No, if the truth is known, they're off having a snack. Even spiders get the munchies.

So there you have it. Everything you ever wanted to know about drug-crazed hippie spiders.

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