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Calls himself a writer?

I'm currently around two-thirds of the way through This Other Eden by Ben Elton. This book just... well it frustrates me! He's never heard of the concept show-don't-tell, and the book is chock full of exposition. Added to that he's trying so hard to be funny a la Douglas Adams and it's falling flat, being a poor imitation at best.

The premise of the book is interesting enough to keep me reading, though, and I have come to like the characters in spite of the writing style.

Has anyone read anything else by him? He's highly recommended, so I'm wondering if it's just this book (or just me!).

You Brits had your Brexit vote last week; this week Australia goes to the polls to elect a Federal government. I'm spending Saturday handing out how-to-vote cards at the local polling booth and I'm actually looking forward to it. I haven't done this for years! And there's an after-election party for the workers, organised by our local member. It might be nice to share the evening with likeminded souls, instead of being camped on the lounge watching the election telecast by myself.
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