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Big weekend

Some of you may be aware that there was a Federal election in Australia this weekend. For weeks the papers have been saying that the opinion polls' results were too close to call, and they were right - it could be another week before we know who will govern the country for the next three years. There are 150 seats in the lower house, so an absolute majority of 76 seats are required for a party to govern in its own right. However at close of counting on Saturday night we had the Liberal - National Party coalition with 68 definites, Labor with 67, the Greens with probably 3, one independent, and eleven seats still undecided. Now we wait for the postal votes to be counted, and then see what happens....

I spent from 8am to 4pm handing out how-to-vote literature; finished the day sunburnt, footsore and weary but still went along to the after-party for my local candidate. I left shortly after he arrived to claim victory and give his speech - once home I turned on the TV and watched the coverage till midnight, then headed off to bed.

 photo labor election day 600 x 509_zpsnxcdzw27.jpg
Upbeat helpers, mid morning.

Yesterday was another big day with a trip up to Beerwah to judge at a cat show. Still not sure why I thought it was a good idea to wear a black cardigan. It's going to take a LOT of sticky tape to get the cat hair off that! Then had Jay and Jess over for dinner last night, to finish off the weekend.
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