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Three reasons why I don't think I could live in London (although I'd like to)

1. Today's temperature range for London - 13C - 18C. Today's range for Brisbane - 12C - 20C. Except it's winter here and summer in UK.
2. See #1.
3. See #1.

I do NOT like cold weather and I wonder if it's because I was born in late spring, in the middle of a heat wave? My son was born in early spring but I lived in a freezing cold hole at that time and it was snowing on the day he was born - and cold doesn't bother him at all.

Oh seriously this is how dull my life has been lately, that all I have to talk about is the weather!

I worked from home yesterday as my car was due for a service. Normally I work through till they call to say it's ready then take my lunch break to go and fetch it. Yesterday though they didn't call until 4pm so as I hadn't taken my lunch hour I just logged off for the day. It was like getting an early mark!

When I dropped my car off, the service manager commented that it was in for its nine months/ 15000km service and asked me if I knew the odometer reading; he just laughed when I told him it was 2960km! No, I don't drive it much, how could you tell? *g*
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