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Of work and vegetables

Walked into work this morning to find that the weekend's system upgrade was the exact reverse. What a mess! The only thing that was working as it should was outlook, and even that gave up the ghost mid-afternoon. And it was a systems-wide issue, too, impacting every department. Customer Care got hammered by callers who couldn't transfer funds into or out of their accounts, Settlements couldn't do disbursements for loan settlements, we couldn't move loans through to Final Approval. It was the same story everywhere. Our guys in Manila had it even worse than us; their servers are pretty slow at the best of times but today everything was timing out on them. I do hope tomorrow is better, while also feeling sorry for the poor IT guys who will be putting in an all-nighter to get things up and running by tomorrow.

We seem to be suffering from a broccoli shortage at present. I couldn't get any locally yesterday; the kids tried at their supermarket but couldn't get any, and there was none to be found in the supermarkets in the CBD either. It's odd; every other kind of veggie you could think of was there for the taking but no broccoli. I can't think of what kind of event would wipe out only broccoli while leaving all other crops standing.
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