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04 August 2016 @ 08:59 pm
Pauline Hanson - Please Explain!  
Not sure if the rest of the world knows who Pauline Hanson is - basically she's an ex fish and chip shop owner who got into parliament 20 years ago and gave the most xenophobic, politically naive maiden speech ever, then created a political party of her own after being thrown out of the Libs. She lasted exactly two years before being voted out, and has stood as a candidate for every election since.

She's back in, as of the recent federal election. I just watched a documentary about her political life and the amount of WTF had to be seen to be believed. She's still peddling the "I'm not a racist, but..." line, only now it's directed at Muslims instead of Aboriginals and Asians. Correction - she's got nothing against Muslims, it's Islam she disagrees with. Hmm....

At one point in an interview she was holding forth on Muslims, then she stopped and asked the cameraman if he was a Muslim. He replied that no, he was actually an Aboriginal, and she congratulated him for having a job. Seriously I did not think my jaw could drop any lower.

Later she was confronted with some statistics which gave lie to a line she was spouting, and she told the journalist that the figures were wrong. Journalist pointed out they came from census data, to which Pauline replied "They're just book figures.". WTF????

But it was riveting TV all the same; interesting to see how she was used, and ultimately spat out of, the parliamentary system. It's probably not available overseas, but just in case you use a VPN, here it is: Please Explain. Be warned, you watch at your own peril; I'm not responsible for any remotes thrown through windows.
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byslantedlight: BD Confront (enednoviel)byslantedlight on August 4th, 2016 12:36 pm (UTC)
I remember Pauline Hanson - she got quite the news coverage over here, and as far as I know people were mostly appalled (but then mostly I know the kind of people who would be appalled by that kind of nonsense, and I would never have thought UKIP had so many supporters either...) Why are there so many lousy people in the world...?

she stopped and asked the cameraman if he was a Muslim. He replied that no, he was actually an Aboriginal
I haven't even seen it, and my gob is completely smacked...
miwahni: Pros BD tablemiwahni on August 5th, 2016 08:22 am (UTC)
Yours was not the only gob to be smacked, believe me.

I spent an hour last night reading One Nation's policies, and I do understand why she appeals to so many - she's basically harking back to the 1940s and 1950s with a lot of her policies and it's striking a chord in people who don't like what the world has become, who see everything changing around them but can't keep up. She offers a vision of an Australia returned to protectionism and isolation (getting out of the UN,even!) but it's not based on reality. Every one of her policies says what they'll do, but not how they'll achieve it, and that's the trap that her supporters are overlooking in their nostalgia for an Australia that is far in the past. There is no way she can deliver on her promises.
(and don't get me started on her opposition to climate change. Just don't go there *g*).
Spencer's Journalspencer5460 on August 4th, 2016 07:38 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a certain boorish, sexist, racist candidate Americans are dealing with now. Making up his own facts, denying others. Complete lack of knowledge of foreign affairs. I'm horrified and embarrassed.
miwahni: Pros BD tablemiwahni on August 5th, 2016 08:26 am (UTC)
I see how far Trump has come and find myself wondering how... that said, the way things are going, it wouldn't surprise me to find more and more people voting for One Nation here. It has the same sort of appeal to people who don't like change and disagree with what the world has become. Doomed to disappointment, if Trump does get in, and they find that that wall across the Mexican border doesn't eventuate....

It's the same in the Uk, with Nigel Farage and his mob. Heard a great interview on talkback with him recently where he was stating that migrants to the UK should learn the language, no excuses. A caller rang up and asked Nigel why he couldn't speak French, when he'd lived in France for many years. Hypocrisy at its best.