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This poor journal has been horribly neglected lately! I've sat here a few times, thinking about posting, then I get distracted and ooh look a cloud wander off to something else....

Had a bit of a weird experience in Target today. Browsing through the shirts, looking for my size in one particular style when another shopper came up and started chatting. Okay, that doesn't happen often, but it isn't that weird. What WAS weird was how, after I'd wandered off across about half the store, she came barrelling up to me, waving some random shirt she'd found, and calling out "I found this, it's in your size!". I thanked her, saying thanks but no, thanks, and she replied "But it's the size you were looking for!" She actually seemed offended when I explained that I didn't really like the one she was brandishing. Odd odd odd.

Finally got around to doing my tax return last weekend. The format has changed; it's been online for the last ten years but it's been quite streamlined with a lot of the information pre-filled. As a result, I managed to miss declaring a capital gain from the sale of some shares, and had to lodge an amendment almost as soon as I'd hit the lodgement button the first time. With the first submission I was looking at quite a handy little refund; after the amendment I'm still getting a refund but nowhere near as much. Just enough, in fact, to pay for the mixer I bought on the expectation of a refund! Which is good enough, really.
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