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A pinch and a punch

It's the first of December, peeps, and what does that mean? Time to trot out the Christmas icons! (points at Christmas icon). Also here in the antipodes it's the first day of summer, celebrated by thirtythree degrees C and a right proper thunderstorm, hail included. Next few days were originally predicted to be forty degrees each, but that's been downgraded to around thirtyseven so that's all right then! *melts*.

So what else? In the interests of being fit for my forthcoming travels - if not actually lose some weight - I've added an exercise program to my daily routine. Once home from work, after warming my muscles via the fifteen minute walk from the bus stop, it's straight into the exercise gear for as much of a workout as I can stand. On the first day, I managed three minutes before collapsing on the floor; now I'm up to nearly half an hour so it's getting better.

It's funny how different I feel as soon as I put the gear on. I'll be climbing up my back steps, footsore and weary, after telling myself all the way home that I'm too tired to do anything tonight, but I make myself get into the gear and as soon as I do I'm ready to go. And while I'm working out I feel terrific, and the glow lasts for the rest of the evening. I feel strong, and toned, like Wonder Woman ready to take on the world. Bit of a disillusionment when I look in the mirror and see a fifty-something with back-boobs.

Ah well, it's a start. And the scales may not be moving much, but the tape measure is creeping in, so there's that. They do say muscle weighs more than fat... I'm clinging to that!
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