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Crook as Rookwood

Made a flying trip to Sydney last Sunday, to catch up with my stepmum and stepsister before Christmas. That place is a madhouse; as good as it was to see everyone, I was very glad to get back to Brisbane at the end of the day.

While in Sydney we made a trip to Rookwood Cemetery to visit dad's grave, he's in a very peaceful spot in a bushrock garden.

 photo dad1 crop_zpsaxbz2mce.jpg

It took us a while to find his plaque as we just don't get out there often; I would rather remember dad as the vibrant, cheeky, wise father that he was. We had vague directions from my stepsister, telling us to drive down one lane towards Parramatta, and the grave faces Hornsby, all of which is wasted on me! I can't point towards the local shops when sitting in my kitchen, there's no way I know which direction Hornsby might be in!

 photo dee and I_zpsgtbcfyqs.jpg

My sister and I at dad's plaque - funny how we often end up dressing alike - we're almost an upside-down mirror reversal of each other here.

I would like one day to have a good poke around the cemetery. It's old, by Australian standards, and has some interesting residents according to its Wiki.
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