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Division of Labour

The radio station this morning was inviting listeners to ring in and talk about the division of labour in their families, ie who did what around the house. It reminded me of a situation once with my ex who was a total Neanderthal as well as being a dirt Nazi. He subscribed to the belief that the inside of the house was the woman's domain, while the outside chores belonged to the male. Yeah I know, more fool me for letting him get away with it for as long as I did. Anyway, one day he announced that he was sick and tired of washing the car, seeing as how I was the one who got it dirty, so he wasn't gonna wash it any more. "Okay," I replied," and seeing as how I don't wear your shirts to work, you'll understamd why I'm not going to iron them any more."
It took about a minute to register - the play of emotions across his face was so funny to watch, too! - and then he grabbed the bucket and sponge, went outside and turned the hose on....

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