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Jay and Jess came over last night and we watched a couple of cricket matches, the Big Bash limited-over games that only go for a couple of hours each. It's the second time we've done that recently and I'm getting sucked into it; of course I'm following Brisbane Heat but I don't mind the Perth Scorchers either. Having so few overs each, the batsmen really go for it and as a result there are a lot of fours and sixes, unlike test cricket that can drag on over five days and still end in a draw. The commentators are absolute rubbish, though, they really need to invest in a couple of professionals.

Looking forward to tonight's dinner - I have garlic and lemon-infused chicken breast wrapped in bacon, left over from last night. It was heavenly, and will be nice not to have to cook tonight now.

For the first time in five years I don't have a Sherlock calendar in my home office. This year's effort was all pics from TAB and that was not my favourite look for the boys. I might have to make my own calendar before the month is out. I DO have a nice one from Little Paws Kitten Rescue, which even features my Priscilla one month, but that's out in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Flossie keeps getting up on my lap every time I sit down to type. I wouldn't mind so much except that 1) it's too hot, and 2) she tries to chew both my fitbit and my watch band every time. Also her claws need clipping and my thighs are peppered with tiny claw-pricks as a result.
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