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Sixth post - reactions

May I just say that I don't normally drink on a weeknight, but I've just finished watching Sherlock - The Final Problem and went straight into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of wine. With wine rocks, because I didn't have any wine already chilled. That's how badly I needed it.

I actually felt shaky while watching it, and wanting to pause it so I could catch my breath. I found it disturbing and confrontational and just so not the kind of story I enjoy.

But that's my problem, not Moftiss, who after all owes me nothing. And I just want to smack all of the entitled fanbrats who are carrying on about the story that we saw. Not sure if you're familiar with the TJLC-ers - members of The JohnLock Conspiracy - who were all certain that this season was leading up to John and Sherlock getting together as a couple, and if it didn't happen THERE WOULD BE HELL TO PAY. I have seen some astoundingly awful posts on tumblr leading up to today, written by TJLC-ers who are going to vent at Moffatt and Gatiss if the show didn't end up the way they wanted. To which I say - these men owe you nothing. They brought the concept to life, and they told the story they wanted to tell. And if, in the end, it's not the story you wanted to see - go watch Bambi. Or read/ write fixit fanfic. But to threaten the show creators with hate mail just smacks of immaturity and a gigantic sense of entitlement. It's okay to not like the plot, it's okay to feel disappointed that you didn't get what you want, but to carry on like pork chops because your show didn't go the way you hoped?
Not on.

On a sadder note, it really did feel like the final episode ever, and I do hope that's not true.
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